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This is our weekly round-up of articles, commentaries, blog posts, podcasts, and videos from the Guild Wars 2 world. I’ve been asked to break the long list of links into categories so you can more easily find the type of information you’re looking for, so from now on I’ll list official Guild Wars 2 news from ArenaNet first, then recent GuildMag posts (in case you missed them), followed by fan articles and blog posts, then videos and podcasts, and finally our usual community event listings.

Right after we published last week’s column, ArenaNet started distributing beta keys for selected members of the press. I’m sorry to say that not only did I not get a key, neither did our editor in chief. To mark this day of outrage, we’ll now be switching all our coverage to some other upcoming game … well, we would if we were actually outraged, and if we thought there was another upcoming game with anything approaching the same kind of potential as Guild Wars 2.

Official Guild Wars 2 news

  • ArenaNet blog — Miku’s Tale: Winds of Change Part Three. “Winds of Change has been our largest free content expansion in Guild Wars to date, and this final chapter sees the addition of 9 new quests, exciting new rewards, and a number of hidden scenes for players to discover that flesh out the story. Make sure to check out our impressive Canthan costumes in the In-Game Store and the NCsoft Store, and visit our Winds of Change website (which we’ll update on Feb 9) for more background information. Before the third chapter goes live, we thought we’d give you a recap of sorts told from the perspective of the assassin Miku, one of the pivotal figures in our tale…”

Recent GuildMag posts

  • GuildMagGuildMag Special: Zhaitan’s Secrets. “Last time I took leave of you at the end of my study on the Elder Dragon, Zhaitan, implying that I reached the end of my knowledge. Well, what I said was all true; however, since then a wondrous event happened to me. The very same oracle a colleague of mine conversed with several years ago appeared before me and let me ask a couple of questions regarding Zhaitan. I must warn you, dear friends, that some answers may be startling and demoralizing…”
  • GuildMag — What the Skimpy-Armor Debate Misses. “And yet (wait for it)… skimpy armor. Despite what you’re likely to read in discussions on the topic, it’s an important issue. It’s important as a reminder of the culture we live in, which often reduces women to sexual objects. First things first, however, ArenaNet made a statement long ago on how they approach the issue: “We’ve always intended to create outfits for male and female characters that are appealing and attractive without making our players feel uncomfortable about what their character or other player-characters are wearing.
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