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Those Sneaky, Sneaky Skritt

Never underestimate rats when they’re all together. That’s a lesson which you can learn from the skritt. The skritt are a rat-like race, arch-enemies of the asura. One rat alone will not have much brainpower, one hundred skritt turns up their favor in achieving things, a colony however… well, they challenge the brainpower of the Asura. And that’s exactly one of the reasons why the asura are afraid of a race that would normally be overlooked. You don’t just mindlessly kill ten rats because they’ve got no thought in Guild Wars 2, because they do.

Further down the blog, they talk about the skritt’s history, society, religion, ecology and a bit more. As we’re used to from Ree Soesbee, she has made sure to get into deep details with this race reveal, and it’s always a pleasure to read from my view. So just head on over to the official ArenaNet blog to read more about the rats… err, skritt!

The only thing left for us to see about the skritt, is to see an asura use a skritt in a maze to test out if he finds the exit

Also we’ll probably have a new Visions blogpost up on the site this friday in which Konig will take down the recent blogpost


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