Thrifty Threads: A Revenant’s Regalia

Hello fellow game fashion lovers and welcome to another issue of Thrifty Threads! In this piece I’m going to explore what it means to build an outfit that tells a story. As a self-proclaimed lore enthusiast, I am thrilled that Heart of Thorns has included new species, new places, and many references to the original Guild Wars throughout the wet, muddy, and tangled mass that is the Maguuma Jungle. However, I felt that one important aspect of the new expansion, the introduction of the revenant profession, was missing all historical context. Unlike the guardian profession, which was explained in blog posts and the Guild Wars 2 novelizations, the revenant has near to no information about it, but appears to have a history that predates Rytlock’s transformation, as players can obviously begin their revenant’s journey long before Rytlock abandons the corporeal world for the Mists.

So what is a player to do? How are revenants made? How are they chosen? How does one create a look that embodies what it means to be revenant if there isn’t much lore to go by? The simple answer for now is: make your own story. An alternative to jumping on the Mistward bandwagon (while it is an impressive armor set in its own right) is to create an outfit that weaves a tale of how your newly created legend-communing master came to be.


For me that story begins with a human thief, Lu Tian. My written background for Lu is that she grew up in a noble family, trained under Lady Wi to be a spy, thief, informant, and eventually, assassin for the Order of Whispers. At some point, she’s badly injured in a mission against Mordrem in the Silverwastes. During her downtime in Divinity’s Reach, she acquires a tome said to be written by two norn legends, titled “The Untold Hero,” from a contact in her Order. When she breaks the enchanted seal that holds the book closed, she finds the book’s pages to be blank except for the first, which is headlined “The Beginning.” Out of excess frustration and a little bit of dry humor, she pens in “My name is Lu Tian and this is my legend.” In an instant, Lu is spirited away, sucked into the Mists through the book. There, she meets the two norn that created the portal, Sif Shadowhunter and Olaf Olafson. Together they help Lu regain her strength and teach her how to channel the power of the revenant to sow her own legend.

With that brief character synopsis given, I’ll dig into the nitty-gritty of Lu Tian’s outfit.

Unfortunately, the look doesn't translate as well to male characters.

Unfortunately, the look doesn’t translate as well to male characters.


Head: Resplendent Curtain – The first piece is one of the headbands a revenant can choose from during character creation. I prefer it over the other two because of its sleek, but finely plated model. It has an almost science-fiction look to it that accentuates the idea that the revenant is something other-worldly.

Shoulders: Braham’s Pauldrons –  The inclusion of pieces from Braham’s armor allows to me to give Lu Tian’s outfit a norn aesthetic that would normally be harder to convey without them, and while the shoulder piece isn’t 100% necessary, I really feel like it helps to complete the ensemble. Sadly, to acquire this and the leggings, you’ll have to dip into your gem savings and drop a hefty 800 gems in the in-game store.

Chest: Brawn of Koda – While I could’ve made use of more of Braham’s armor, I decided to play around with some of my other northern-style options to see if I could avoid set conformity; the Brawn of Koda became my solution. What I like most about this particular piece is that the side cloth appears to flow with the “battle skirt” of the leggings. It’s also sleeveless so, like a norn, Lu can show some muscle in the most literal sense. The breastplate part, while curvy, reminds me a little of Marvel Comics’ new Thor and her outfit. It’s powerful, it’s bold, it’s tough, and it’ll cost you 330 Symbols of Koda to buy. Time to rally the guild for some Honor of the Waves dungeon runs.

Hands: Dragonhunter’s Gauntlet – Proof that the dragonhunter does hold a gridlock on dragonhunting swagger, the dragonhunter gauntlets can either pay homage to Glint as a herald or represent a character’s role in the ongoing war against the Elder Dragons, specifically for Lu’s story, the norns’ greatest foe, Jormag. The asymmetric look doesn’t always work, but I liked that the main armor piece is opposite the shoulderplate. This armor piece is earned by fully unlocking the dragonhunter elite specialization.

Leggings: Braham’s Legplates – Its rough-and-tough but flexible design is proof that hunters have to occasionally weigh mobility and speed against protection, and, in true norn fashion, that usually means exposing some amount of skin to the frigid Shiverpeaks air (because nothing says “we’re the toughest” more than the constant threat of hypothermia). Humor aside, the leggings mesh well with the top and provide the decorative metal buckle and the hip fur to match the shoulders. Like the shoulders, the leggings come as part of a normally 800 gem set.

Feet: Avenger’s Footgear – I picked out these plated boots as they provide knee guards and they have a distinct and sleek design that really gives my character a bit of a valkyrie vibe. The name, of course, is amusing for reasons that one might understand if they read the chest armor blurb. The Avenger’s Footgear is purchasable at the Cultural Armor vendor in Divinity’s Reach on the top floor for 80 silver. Note that these are only available for human characters.


One of the challenges (albeit a fun challenge) that comes with mixing and matching armor is that the metals, leather, and cloth don’t always dye the same on different armor sets. For certain pieces to match, sometimes you have to play around with darker or lighter versions of a color between several armor pieces. The effort usually makes up for it in the end with a kickass outfit.




G – Gray

U – Umber

A – Amenity

T – Taupe

Gr – Graphite

SL – Silver Lead

Co – Copper

C – Cocoa

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