Thrifty Threads: The Secret Sylvari

Thrifty Threads: The Secret Sylvari

Greetings, fellow fashionistas of Tyria! It’s time for another edition of Thrifty Threads!

Since the revelation that the sylvari are creations of the Elder Dragon Mordremoth, the children of the Pale Tree have faced discrimination and suspicion from the other races of Tyria. While there are gorgeous armor pieces that allow the sylvari to show their roots, in these troubling times it might be best to dampen their bioluminescent glow and blend in with their allies in the fight against the Jungle Dragon.

I created this look with armor that did not cost much gold and could allow a sylvari to pass for a human. It is designed for the medium armor class in an effort to aid any sylvari thieves or rangers that might face extra suspicion due to their profession. With that out of the way, here is our fashion build:




Head: Mist Walker Cap (295 Badges of Honor)
The wide brim and bandana help hide your sylvari’s face, while also keeping fashionable in the Jungle. You can purchase it in your server’s Borderlands from the Armor Trader for 295 Badges of Honor.

Shoulders: Privateer Shoulders (~2s)
This piece is probably the easiest to obtain. It is a very common drop from most mobs and bags, and can be purchased on the Trading Post for under 2 silver.

Chest: Rogue Coat (182Δ)
This coat can be unlocked for free as a level-up bonus, or purchased from Paden in Beetletun for 182 karma.

Hands: Privateer Gloves (~2s)
Just like the shoulders, this is a very common drop as well as a reward when leveling up a character. It can also be purchased on the Trading Post for under 2 silver.

Legs: Sneakthief Leggings (~45s)
The Sneakthief pants skin can be obtained through leveling up a character, or purchased on the Trading Post for under 45 silver.

Feet: Ascalonian Sentry Boots (180 Ascalonian Tears)
This skin is purchased from the dungeon armor vendor in Fort Marriner for 180 Ascalonian Tears. Alternatively, you can play the Ascalonian PvP track to claim this skin as a reward.


I chose a dye scheme that wouldn’t draw too much attention from allies or the Modrem of the Jungle. All the dyes I used are available on the trading post for under 1 gold.


M= Midnight Olive (9s)
O= Old Nickel (79s)
C= Clove (18s)

This set was assembled to show that with the right colors and combination (and graphics settings) even the cheapest of armors can be used to create a stylish, affordable look for your character. Good luck, brothers and sisters of the Pale Tree, in your fight against the slavery of Mordremoth.

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