Thrifty Threads: The Sylvari Druid

With Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns looming on the horizon, style is more imperative than ever. I mean, you can’t just go waltzing into the new expansion looking like a burlap sack! Oh no, in order to properly tackle the fierce beasts and botanical monstrosities of the Maguuma Jungle, you’re going to need fashion so fierce that your enemies’ dying words will be, “damn, that adventurer was looking fabulous!”

“But tier 3 cultural armor and gemstore outfits are the only good looking attire in the game and I can’t afford them!”

Never fear, GuildMag’s got you covered with our new fashion segment: Thrifty Threads. Here, you will have access to a variety of eye-catching, awe-inspiring arrangements that are attainable at minimal cost to the player. Let’s dive right in!

This week, we’re going to be focusing on Heart of Thorns for the theme of our outfit, and what better candidate for that category could there be than the sylvari! This outfit will be available for any medium armor sylvari character, but was designed specifically with the druid elite specialization in mind. As the druids are so closely linked to the Maguuma region in Tyrian lore, I just had to design a druidic ensemble for the sylvari rangers out there!

The Outfit

Male and Female

Head: Whisper’s Secret Hood – This item is part of the Order of Whispers medium armor set, and can be purchased at the Chantry of Secrets for 1 gold 52 silver. The catch here is that you’ll need a character who has joined the Order of Whispers to purchase this skin, as the merchant, Armor Requisitioner Betje, will not sell her wares to anyone outside the Order.

Shoulders: Shoulder Scarf – First and foremost, this item is a gemstore item. However, it’s a relatively low cost one at 400 gems. While that equates to about 80 gold in game (as of the publishing date of this article), it’s only $5 in IRL cash, which I would say is quite cheap. 

Chest: Evergreen Coat (cultural) – Cultural armor doesn’t need to be tier 3 to be cool. The Evergreen Coat, which is a part of the tier 1 medium cultural armor set for sylvari, looks pretty fantastic when paired with the other equipment listed here, and it can be purchased from Annamh in the Grove for a mere 80 silver.

Hands: Swindler Gloves – Now, honestly, you can pick your poison in the glove department. However, I loved the sleeves on the Evergreen Coat so much that I decided to go with the Swindler Gloves, due to the fact that they don’t go past the character’s wrists. These gloves are one of the most basic skins in the game and are absurdly easy to get, as they drop all the time from foes and are available on the trading post for as little as 1 silver. Seriously, chances are you already have these gloves unlocked!

Legs: Carapace Leggings – These beauties won’t cost you a single copper. However, they do require a good chunk of gameplay to acquire. The Carapace Leggings are granted to players as a reward for completing Seeds of Truth, the seventh and penultimate episode of season 2 of the Living World. Unfortunately, if you do not have season 2 of the Living World unlocked, you will have to purchase it from the gemstore for 1600 gems. However, as a significant portion of Guild Wars 2’s population has played and completed the Living World in preparation for Heart of Thorns, I feel this is still a valid inclusion for this outfit.

Feet: Carapace Boots – The Carapace Boots are similar to the Carapace Leggings in that they can be obtained as a reward from Living World season 2. However, they can also be acquired as a mildly rare drop from Lost Bandit Chests in the Silverwastes, which are extremely easy and profitable to farm. If anything, you will make money getting these! To learn how to farm Lost Bandit Chests, check out our guide on Silverwastes farming


Since there are a multitude of different skin tones available to sylvari, there is no definitive dye scheme for this outfit. However, a two-tone setup, which is what I’ve gone with, looks rather stunning. You’ll want the major color to be something similar to your sylvari’s skin tone, while the minor option is completely up to you. As you can see, I’ve chosen to go with a Zest base with Pastel Lime trim to match my sylvari’s golden-green skin tone. You can see the dye channels I’ve used in the image below.


A druid should be elegant and mysterious, a natural presence with a distinctive vibe. I feel that this outfit, with its nomadic aesthetic and mystic undertones, denotes the druid perfectly. It depicts an experienced traveller shrouded in mystery, while also offering a bright and vibrant presence sure to catch the eyes of passersby; a steal, if I do say so myself.

Do you have an awesome looking druid outfit you’ve devised? Share it with us! Tweet your druid outfit at @GuildMag on Twitter!


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