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As a race, the asura are known primarily for their accomplishments as magicians, scholars, scientists, and artisans. Their culture is centered around academia and technological advancement, resulting in a society that very much favors brains over brawn. However, that is not to say that asura cannot become skilled melee fighters. The Peacemakers, Lionguard, and Pact in particular feature many asuran members wearing heavy armor and wielding melee weapons. Despite this, due to their culture, the asura tend to be typecast as mages, scholars, and engineers, and I decided I would like to pay homage to all the heavy-armor-classed asura out there with the Tiny Tank!

It’s common knowledge that it’s not easy to make a soldier class asura look even halfway decent in Guild Wars 2. Many of the heavy armor sets, while great on the humanoid races, look less than admirable on asuran characters. With such a huge size disadvantage, an asuran soldier character needs large doses of both “cool factor” and “intimidation factor” to compensate. The Tiny Tank outfit delivers both of these through use of heavy armor pieces that fit relatively well with the traditional asuran aesthetic, resulting in a believably capable looking soldier class asura.

The Outfit

Final Cut

Headpiece variants. From left: Dark Templar Helm, Adventurer’s Mantle (Heavy), Gas Mask.

The key to this outfit was using heavy armor pieces that fit well and were properly proportioned to the body of an asura.You never want your outfit to look ill-fitting or piecemeal. I was also torn on helmet choices, so I decided to include two alternatives to my final decision. The final product comes off as believably asuran and is extremely cool looking in its own right!


Head Option 1: Dark Templar HelmThis helmet is my primary choice for this outfit for a couple reasons: it’s the cheapest of the three potential options, and I feel like it suits the “heavy armor” look the best. If you want a more traditional knight or templar look, definitely go with this option. This helmet skin can be acquired a number of ways, but the two cheapest ways are for 20 Badges of Honor from an Armor Master in any World vs. World map, or for 455 karma from Legionnaire Neverburn in Iron Marches.

Head Option 2: Adventurer’s MantleThis headpiece replaces the “stoic protector” aesthetic with a more nomadic, mysterious feel. The crafting recipe for this item can be found here, and shouldn’t run you more than about 3 gold. Players who favor more of a vagabond-style look might want to go for this option.

Head Option 3: Gas MaskThe only reason this helmet is an alternative option and not my main pick for the outfit is because it’s a bit pricey. This headpiece will cost you 25 laurels + 15 gold from any laurel merchant, which is a little too much to make the official Thrifty Threads cut, but it looks so fantastic with this set up I simply had to include it as an alternate choice for the wealthier players out there. I feel that the Gas Mask makes the outfit feel the most asuran as it ties it back to their cultural background as engineers and scientists.

Shoulders: Vigil’s Honor PauldronsWhen it comes to heavy armor, the Vigil pieces tend to be a good fit for asura. The angular, simplistic line engraving featured on many of the Vigil armor pieces are very reminiscent of asuran art and architecture, providing the outfit with cultural believability. These shoulder guards can be obtained from Armor Requisitioner Camotli for 1 gold 36 silver.

Chest: Forgeman BreastplateThe chest piece tends to be the heart of every outfit, and the Tiny Tank outfit is no exception. The Forgeman Breastplate, which can be purchased for 330 Manifestos of the Moletariate from the dungeon rewards merchant in Lion’s Arch, brings a bit of a technological feel to the outfit with its glowing furnace, making it perfect for an asura.

Hands: Vigil’s Honor GauntletsAgain, the Vigil armor is very angular and features a great deal of line art, syncing well with the art favored by the asura. These can also be purchased from Armor Requisitioner Camotli for 1 gold 12 silver.

Legs: Galvanic Leggings (Cultural)Out of all the heavy legging options, the Galvanic Leggings meshed with the Forgeman Breastplate best. As a piece of tier 1 asuran cultural armor, it serves to both further ground the attire in asuran culture and is tailor made for the asura character model, resulting in good proportions. It also has a tabard. Tabards rock. You’ll be able to pick these up for a measly 60 silver from Frinna in Rata Sum.

Feet: Forgeman GreavesOf all the armor piece slots, foot armor, without a shadow of a doubt, always looks the worst on asura models. Almost all of the boots appear squashed and distorted on an asura, so the pickings were slim. However, the Forgeman Greaves fit extremely well, and they look great to boot (har har har) with their striped steel plating. These will cost 180 Manifestos of the Moletariate from the dungeon rewards merchant in Lion’s Arch and will round out your heavy-armored asura nicely!

The dye scheme was much less important than the overall shape, fit, and vibe of this outfit, so I’ll leave it up to you to dye this armor set at your own discretion. Remember to use metallic dyes for the metal parts!

When I look at the Tiny Tank, I see an asura warrior, guardian, or revenant possessed of legitimate battle prowess. Given their diminutive stature, that’s not an easy thing to pull off. Size and strength are huge in physical confrontations, and when you’re a little asura in a world full of norn and charr, you’re going to need a sturdy, powerful set of armor to carry you to victory against such mighty foes!

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