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Tour of Lion’s Arch

From the capital of a nation, to a free city. That’s the story of Lion’s Arch. In this new blogpost about the free city of Tyria, we are treated to our first look on the gorgeous environment of Lion’s Arch. It goes further though, it explains how Lion’s Arch was rebuilt by pirates and bandits that sought refuge in the abandoned city. Later the elite Lionguard build a fortress on Claw Island, which lays in the new harbor of Lion’s Arch.

The Captain’s Council, which is a committee of wealthy merchants and sea captains, runs Lion’s Arch and the only way to get in, is to show that you are a noted Ship Commander and that you’ve contributed to the health or growth of Lion’s Arch. After you’ve achieved these, you can purchase yourself a seat on the Captain’s Council, whenever one has become available again.

You’ll be able find everything in Lion’s Arch, from merchants to crafters and festivals, from sylvari to charr, it is truly a melting pot of diverse features.It is also here that all races will come together, because on your own, you won’t stand a chance against the might of the dragons.

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