Trahearne: The Sylvari Behind the Pact

To the people of Tyria,

I have been living among the Pact soldiers for several days now, and what a fascinating bunch they are! Everyone here has a story, and I can’t conduct interviews fast enough! Ah, but where is “here,” you might ask. The Pact army currently resides at Camp Resolve, a large military base on the edge of the Maguuma Wastes. It makes the skin tingle being here on the edge of the habitable world. Often times, I can feel the nervous tension in the air throughout the camp. It isn’t fear, but rather an eager anticipation for the battles to come. The sensation is truly one of a kind. I have been interviewing soldiers almost every waking moment since my arrival and therefore a full description of this wondrous place shall have to wait. However, I offer something much more tantalizing.

Trahearne, Marshal of the Pact and firstborn of the sylvari race, generously granted me audience for an exclusive, one on one interview. Read on and journey with me into the mind of the mysterious, reclusive leader of the fight for Tyria’s future.

Ellis Knox: First of all, I should like to extend to you my gratitude for taking the time out of your undoubtedly busy schedule speak with me.

Trahearne: The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Knox. Please, feel free to ask me whatever you wish.

Ellis Knox: Certainly. Many in Tyria are still unfamiliar with your race, as it is still very young. Please, tell me about your position among your people and what it means to be a firstborn.

Trahearne: Well, the twelve firstborn of the sylvari, the first sylvari to be born of their respective cycles, dusk, night, dawn, and noon, serve as mentors and teachers to the Mother Tree’s new children. Rolemodels, if you will. We are seen not so much as leaders, but more as vessels to be observed. The choice to live by our example is still left up to the saplings to make, and our race cannot continue to grow culturally and structurally without deviation from our knowledge. We are hardly all-knowing entities, after all. I have learned more from new saplings than I ever did in Orr.

Ellis Knox: And what cycle bore you into the world? You were the first sylvari ever to awaken on Tyria, were you not?

Trahearne: I am of the cycle of dusk, and yes, I was the first to sprout from the Pale Tree. That being said, no one knows how large this planet actually is. From what my good friend Malomedies tells me, the known world that we refer to as Tyria is but a small portion of a much greater whole. Out there, beyond the borders of the lands we know, who knows. Perhaps there are more sylvari, more charr, more asura, that we Tyrians just have yet to encounter.

Pale Tree
Ellis Knox: An astounding and awe inspiring notion, to be sure. It makes one wonder what else is out there, beyond the borders of the known world. If I may move forward, however, I have to ask, what was it that inspired you to bring these factions together and form the Pact?

Trahearne: The Pact is a product of my Wyld Hunt, my destiny as bestowed upon me by the Mother Tree. It is a difficult notion for other races to understand, as they do not share the Dream of Dreams as we of the Pale Tree do. When I awoke in The Grove all those years ago, it was but a small thought at the back of my mind, but it was always there. An itch that grew in intensity over time, begging to be scratched. This thought, this, innate urge told me that I must do all in my power to cleanse the lands of Orr of Zhaitan’s corruption. Well, as you might imagine, this seemed an insurmountable task. When I consulted the Mother Tree on the matter, she merely told me that great things come to those who show great dedication. For over 20 years I wandered the haunted halls of Arah, gathering knowledge. After all that time, after encountering countless horrors and nightmares made reality, I came to but one conclusion: in order for my Wyld Hunt to come to fruition, I needed help. And so, the Pact was born.

Ellis Knox: So this war that you wage against the dragons, it’s all in pursuit of your Wyld Hunt?

Trahearne: Once upon a time, that was my truest motivation. However, if my travels have taught me anything, it is that Tyria is a beautiful land filled with good and wonderful inhabitants. The people of Tyria do not deserve death and suffering at the hands of the Elder Dragons. When I formed the Pact, it became clear to me that the road we were about to traverse would be far longer than I had ever anticipated.

Ellis Knox: Your words lift my spirits, along with those of the citizens of Tyria. Now, with us encamped here, on the cusp of the Maguuma Wastes, what is the Pact’s plan for bringing down Mordremoth?

Trahearne: As of right now, it is our mission to push deep into Mordremoth’s territory from our base here at Camp Resolve. As we gain ground on the dragon, we must simultaneously work to keep it, a difficult task. That being said, I believe the Pact is more than a match for Mordremoth and the rest of the Elder Dragons.

Ellis Knox: You intend to kill all of the Elder Dragons then?

Trahearne: Yes. The people of Tyria will not be safe until they are all eradicated.

Ellis Knox: I am glad to hear it. Now, according to my information, you were not actually present in the final confrontation in which Zhaitan was slain, correct?

Trahearne: Indeed, I was not. I am no great warrior, this I freely admit. The mission was overseen by my commander, who played a crucial role in the dragon’s defeat along with Destiny’s Edge.

Ellis Knox: So, that being the case, what is your plan for bringing down the dragon himself in combat?

Trahearne: I am supremely confident that the Pact airship fleet can overwhelm and destroy Mordremoth.

Ellis Knox: A straight forward approach, interesting.

At this point, a Pact officer informs me that my time is up and that Treahearne must attend to pressing concerns.

Ellis Knox: One final question before I take my leave: there have been claims, the origin of which I know not, that the sylvari share some sort of connection with Mordremoth. What is your response to these rumors?

Trahearne: Such claims are irrational conclusions born from fear and panic. In a time of crisis, mistrust runs rampant. Mordremoth holds no more sway over my people than he does over the tomatoes in your garden.

Well, there it is. Though I hoped to shed some light on the mysterious Pact leader, I fear I have fallen short in that regard. However, I will say this: a more eerie and disconcerting interview, I have never conducted.

With all due respect,

Ellis Knox

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