Tyria’s Finest: Demolitionist Platt

To the people of Tyria,

During my extended stay here in the Silverwastes, I have been corresponding with many of my readers and colleagues throughout Tyria. The task keeps me occupied most hours of the day, for I am an avid conversationalist if not anything else. However, recently I found myself free of my obligations for a brief period, and decided to fall back on my one of my favorite pastimes here at Camp Resolve: observing the goings on in the engineering hangar. As was usually the case, the hangar was filled with Iron Legion charr assembling their formidable machines of war.

As I wandered quietly through the hangar, avoiding flying sparks and examining this, that, and the other, I chanced upon a clever looking asura teaching a group of charr about the finer points of explosive technology. The charr appeared disgruntled, no doubt confident that they knew all there was to know about the art of demolition. The asura continued his instruction for another hour or so, then dismissed the assembled soldiers. After the class had dispersed, I introduced myself, interested in learning more about the asura, whose name was Platt. Well, as you might have imagined, one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I had my quill and parchment out and was conducting a full-scale interview.

Ellis Knox: So, Platt, tell me a little bit about your role with the Pact. What is it you do, precisely?

Platt: I am a Pact Demolitionist.

Ellis Knox: And what does that entail?

Platt: I demolish things.

Ellis Knox: Good answer. Tell me, on a day to day basis, how do you apply your demolition skills to the Pact war effort?

Platt: That depends entirely on what my orders are, but I serve both in and out of the field.

Ellis Knox: Could you be more specific?

Platt: Very well. When I am not on assignment, I am here in the hangar developing explosive devices and teaching others how to better construct their own.

Ellis Knox: Ah, so you’re an explosives expert. What sort of background do you possess in that field?

Platt: I graduated top of my class from the College of Dynamics in Rata Sum, though I will keep the year of my graduation to myself. I am a genius demolitionist, having written multiple revolutionary theses on the… How do I phrase this for the layman… Oh nevermind. Suffice it to say that I am an expert at increasing the energy output of explosive devices, effectively making them exponentially more devastating.

Ellis Knox: Interesting. Are you nearing any breakthroughs with your current work?

Platt: I am, but I shall refrain from elaborating. Every genius must keep their research jealously guarded. However, I will give you a little bit of a teaser, since you possess such a large audience.

Ellis Knox: Excellent! Please, continue.

Platt: All I will say is this: if my current theories concerning subatomic particles are correct, it will revolutionize the way war is waged in Tyria.

Ellis Knox: An ominous pronouncement indeed, my friend, and, I think, an excellent statement to end on. I’d like to thank you for your time, and for your willingness to share your research with me and my audience.

Platt: I can’t say it was a pleasure, but this has been… mutually beneficial. You have my gratitude, Mr. Knox.

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