Tyria’s Finest: Tonna

To the people of Tyria,

Many brave adventurers, seekers of fortune, and aspiring heroes have made their way to the Maguuma Wastes to aid in the war effort against Mordremoth. These courageous and opportunistic types make up a sizeable chunk of our offensive forces here in the Silverwastes, and they come from all races and backgrounds. Aside from official Pact soldiers, Camp Resolve currently plays host to detachments of Seraph, Peacemakers, sylvari Valiants, and Blood, Ash, and Iron Legion charr. However, these are all organized factions that adhere to an established hierarchy, much like the Pact. Our new allies I am most curious about are the small group of Wolfborn norn that recently arrived at the camp.

The norn are a fascinating people owing to their culture’s distinct lack of hierarchy. Norn follow those whom they respect, and to a norn, respect is very subjective. A norn who joins the Vigil and follows the orders of his or her superiors usually does so because those superiors have impressed them and earned their respect on a personal level. This is why norn culture so intrigues me. The group of Wolfborn currently residing in Camp Resolve are here of their own volition, with their own goals and ends in mind. They do not bow to the cryptic whims of those of higher station. Surely, they must believe there is glory to be had here on the precipice of the Jungle Dragon’s inner sanctum.

Curious to find out more, I was able to conduct a short interview with one of the younger Wolfborn norn, a woman named Tonna.

Ellis Knox: Thank you for agreeing to speak with me, Tonna. What I am most curious about are your motivations for coming here, and what goals you seek to achieve here. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Tonna: Well, the answer to both of those questions is pretty straight forward: I am norn. We norn seek to build a legend for ourselves, to rise above the feats of others until only we stand alone atop a pile of legendary deeds. This is what I seek here. I seek the death of Mordremoth, and I seek to land the killing blow myself! What deed could be more legendary than singlehandedly slaying an Elder Dragon? Norn would flock to Hoelbrak from all over Tyria merely to lay eyes upon the legend that would be Tonna Dragonsbane!

Ellis Knox: An honorable goal, and one befitting only the bravest of norn. You believe you can singlehandedly slay the Dragon? He must be ten times the size of the entire Pact Fleet put together!

Tonna: Heh, the Dragons bleed, the Pact proved that with its defeat of Zhaitan. Neigh, the norn proved it when Asgeir Dragonrender hacked a fang from Jormag’s very mouth! My legend will eclipse both Asgeir’s and the Pact’s, and once I’ve destroyed Mordremoth, I will defeat Jormag and liberate the norn from the brink of his icy embrace.

Ellis Knox: I see. Your legend is very important to you. Why is that?

Tonna: My name is Tonna. Just Tonna. I lack any embellishment, not even that which is earned from the happenstance of one’s birth. I was abandoned as a child and grew up without my parents or their namesake. I am their legend, their one accomplishment, may Wolf rend their flesh from their bones. I have hunted, fought, and killed all in the name of forging my own legend, but none of my accomplishments have I deemed worthy of title. No, if I am to affix a great deed to my name, it must eclipse any that came before it, and any that will come to pass. That is what my legend means to me. Without it, my life will forever remain incomplete.

Ellis Knox: Thank you for your time, Tonna. I wish you well in your quest to slay the Dragon, and should you achieve it, I will personally write a ballad worthy of your accomplishments.

Tonna is just one of several Wolfborn norn that have made their way here to forge their legends. She is young, brash, and headstrong, and perhaps she is a little too confident in her own abilities. However, this is the norn way. I wonder if Tonna will ever attain the legendary status she seeks, for it saddens me to think that she may be doomed to forever wander Tyria in search of a feat worthy of her name.

With all due respect,

Ellis Knox

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