The Vinewrath

To the people of Tyria,

It has been some time since I last wrote one of my missives, and for that I apologize. My writing utensils were lost to me during the pitched battle at Red Rock Bastion, and all seemed lost for the most terrifying of moments. However, the Pact is blessed by the Six, and our company was delivered from the jaws of death by the Glory of Tyria itself! The massive airship rained holy hell down upon the mordrem, who, by that point, had nearly overcome the walls by scaling the ever growing pile of their deceased kin. The bombardment was swift and deadly, and after only a few seconds, not a single mordrem remained living. Who can tell, perhaps we still have a chance in this fight.


Alas, news has arrived this very day that could prove the undoing of us all. Earlier today, Trahearne himself announced to the entire Pact army that a powerful modrem entity resides only a few miles west of our camp in the Silverwastes! The creature was spotted on a covert scouting mission, and it is rumored that Caithe, the famed sylvari member of Destiny’s Edge, was the mission’s orchestrator. However, I have seen no sign of her, so this could yet be merely a rumor. Trahearne says the creature takes the form of a gargantuan thistle bloom, its purple spines and leaves twisting and undulating menacingly. A “Vinewrath” he calls it. Priory scholars have been postulating that the creature is the source of the monolithic vines that move steadily closer to our camp, burrowing through the sand like wurms. I shudder to think what will happen when these vines finally find us.


According to a high ranking Pact officer, who wished to remain unnamed, Trahearne will be holding daily war councils in order to formulate a battle plan against this Vinewrath. However, since I am not privy to these meetings, I can only ask around the camp, gleaning bits and pieces of information here and there. According to a group of Pact scouts, the Vinewrath likely lies at the end of a series of canyon-like lanes to the west, which are heavily populated with mordrem and nearly impenetrable without the aid of copious amounts of heavy duty siege equipment. Even then, we have little to no idea what to expect from the Vinewrath in the event of a confrontation. For now, I shall await news from Trahearne’s war council, and pray to the Six that they can deliver us from this new menace.

With all due respect,

Ellis Knox

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