War in the Silverwastes

To the people of Tyria,

I stand on the very brink of the war that is being waged over this desolate land known as the Silverwastes. From what I am told by Durmand Priory scholars, it so named because it was once a lush region of the Maguuma Jungle known as the Silverwood. I fail to see how a region could change so alarmingly, for now it stands as barren and devoid of life as the Crystal Desert. The Priory tells me there is currently no definitive reason as to why the area has changed so drastically, though the Elder Dragons have long been suspect in the matter, Mordremoth in particular. I feel that as we continue to push deeper into the villain’s territory, the answers to such questions will slowly reveal themselves.

The Pact soldiers have begun their push into the hostile territory beyond the safety of Camp Resolve. I have been instructed to remain in the encampment for the time being, though I take little pleasure being left behind. Am I not here to chronicle the valiant exploits of the Pact as they overpower the dragon Mordremoth? How can I do so when I stand so far removed from the stories that unfold even as I sit here, quill in hand? However, do not despair. If I am not allowed past the gates of the encampment soon, I shall find my own way to the frontlines.

‘Tis not so awful a thing though, I suppose. Camp Resolve is a fascinating place, to say the least. The fearsome machines of war that lie docked in the Pact’s massive hangars are sure to strike fear into the hearts of Mordremoth’s minions, provided they possess such things. The vast number of airships, cannons, bombs, and other technologies of which I am woefully ignorant astounds the senses. While every soldier does their part, the building of these awe inspiring machines and devices falls largely to Iron Legion charr, as well as many asura. It is well known that the charr and the asura are the two most technologically advanced civilizations in Tyria, and the fruit born from their cooperative efforts is truly a thing to be marvelled at. Would that I could accurately convey the sheer destructive force of these creations, for I fear my pitiful ramblings tragically lacking in such regard. The gargantuan cannons that line the decks of the airships are capable of reducing solid stone cliffs the size of the walls of Divinity’s Reach to rubble within seconds. Why, just days past, I witnessed firsthand a handheld explosive device, no larger than a turnip, produce a crater in the ground the size of a fully grown dolyak! I fear this war shall be overly brief, for I cannot imagine even Mordremoth can match such destructive power.

With all due respect,

Ellis Knox

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