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Warfronts and technological advances

Charr are a race to be reckoned with. We already knew that after the searing, but now that they’ve gone through a mechanical revolution, they’re even more powerful. Today we’re getting spoiled with yet another update on the charr, this time we’re getting the full back story to get up to speed to Tyria, 250 years forward.

We learn how, after Kalla Scorchrazor won the support of the Iron Legion Imperator, the three legions (Iron, Blood and Ash) supported the uprising against the Flame Legion. Then, we’re also told how the current warfronts stand, we got the Flame Legion trying to retake what was theirs before the uprising in the north, the battle at E which is currently having a truce negotiation but also how Kralkatorrik scarred Ascalon with the great Dragonbrand.

The feline charr of Tyria are a victorious race challenged by their own success. They have survived defeat, oppression, and civil war. They have returned, reconquered, and rebuilt their original homes. Their mighty fortress, the Black Citadel, dominates the surrounding ruins of the human city of Rin, and their non-magical technology is the mightiest in the land. Yet despite their success, they are challenged by divisions among their people, the power of the Elder Dragons, and the ghosts of their own victories.

This, then, is their story.

Alongside with this information, we’re also given a new video, showcasting the Domain of the Charr which includes a look at the Black Citadel and a couple of their war machines. If you look good enough, you might even spot the huge Imperator’s Core within the video. Be sure to head over to the Guild Wars 2 charr race page to read all this and more!


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