This week in Guild Wars 2, 21-27 September

Well, after six attempts and no rewards, I’ve pretty much given up on the Tequatl fight. The weekend’s big Darkhaven event may have worked in the main instance, but I ended up in an overflow each time, where the success rate was the same as all the previous attempts — never getting down as far as 75%. If I had more time for gaming, this wouldn’t be an issue, but an hour or more cuts too much into my evening’s fun. Fortunately, the Living Story achievements for Boss Week don’t require a win against Tequatl.

I haven’t been champion-farming as such, but as I’ve been trying to gather up more tier 6 materials to get my crafting levels up to 500, I sometimes encounter a champ-farming zerg in Frostgorge. On Wednesday night, I’d just mined an Orichalcum node and saw a player hard-pressed while trying to solo the Champion Troll near Trionic Lattice. I jumped down to help him, tossed some clones and phantasms and distracted the troll. The player I came in to help scampered away, leaving me in the same situation he’d been in … but my brave clones gave me the chance to break contact and extricate myself without further damage … just as a zerg dropped in for a quick visit, so I turned right back and helped kill the champ. Hey, it was practically free loot!

Our Community Spotlight post with in-game events will be posted on Monday.

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