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Welcome to the Year of the Dragon

Finally. Today marks the day that we finally get to hear more about the always-as-secret Guild Wars 2 release date. That’s right folks, we’ve got 100% official confirmation that Guild Wars 2 will be released in 2012, that means that we’ll be playing Guild Wars 2 between now and 11 months ahead. That’s definitely reason to be excited.

Next to this, we’ve also got confirmation that ‘select press’ will be invited to participate in a closed beta next month (february). Following the ‘select press’ beta, ArenaNet will start opening up the beta to a larger group of people – during these beta’s, ArenaNet will try and invite as many fans as they possible can.

We recently finished our first closed beta test, and we’re now ready to hold progressively larger events. In February we’ll invite select press to participate in beta testing, and in March and April we’ll aggressively ramp up the size of our beta test events so that many of you will have a chance to participate. And of course, this all leads to the release of Guild Wars 2 later this year.

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon – the year of Guild Wars 2.


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