GuildMag Issue 2.5: War in Kryta Special

GuildMag brings you our very first special, an issue dedicated to the War in Kryta. Are you one of those players that never reads the quest description, and instead rushes blindly into battle? Well if you are, you’re in for treat. The GuildMag writers have written some fascinating lore summaries about the Shining Blade, the White Mantle and the War in Kryta.

After reading this, prophecies will definitely make more sense to you and you may even reconsider skipping that next quest description. And of course, Arghore returns with his bar jokes!

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In This Issue

  • A History lesson of Kryta
    Whoever knows the past, knows the future.
  • History of the War in Kryta
    From the beginning to the end.
  • The Shining Blade
    The lore behind the heroic rebels of Tyria.
  • The Mursaat
    Unseen, but not unheard.
  • The White Mantle
    Find out the truth behind the followers of the Unseen.
  • Costume code contest winners.
    The answer to the riddle and the winners.
  • The End of the Mantle
    Where did it go wrong? Find out here.
  • Bar Jokes with Arghore
    A charr, a norn and an asura enter a bar…
  • End of the Line
    The last tidbits and the upcoming issue.
  • GuildMag at GamesCom
    GuildMag will be providing coverage from GamesCom,
    find out about the exciting contest we’ve set up.

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