Winners of the Guild Wars 2 Beta Key Contest

We’re finally able to announce the winners of our beta key contest. It took us a while because of the staggering amount of entries (1,000!), but we neared them down to 40 winners! That’s right, thanks to ArenaNet and NCSoft we were able to give away an additional 20 keys! I’d like to thank everyone for participating in our contest! Without further ado check below for the winners (We have already send you your codes/contacted you via e-mail, facebook or twitter!):

Tommi Pohjolainen, Kraig Winfield, Cody Barnes, Natanyel Kazoula, Brian Thomson, BigMOle, Akenatoth, Devin, Lars van Weert, Lubieruskie, Victor Russon, Jimmi Jensen, Cameron, Uchiha23, SomeGuy, Kazahk, Christopher Meyers, Axxurge, Moltig, Vincent Rosciano, TomCools, Alissa Garrett, Rondell Clark, Justin Johnson, Dozzer, Matteo Martina, James, Jnifty, Matthewnguyen93, Joel Abreu, Shishaw, Kimfischer555, Jordan Hagopian, JayCube, Zack, Stark, Bill, Baelzar2, Matt and April May June.

Enjoy your keys everyone! We hope you all have fun next weekend! As for the jokes, those will be published within our next GuildMag issue!

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