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Wintersday 2010

Hear ye, hear ye, Wintersday is here again for a year to stay! That is, if Grenth wins his battle against Dwayna this year around… Lucky for him he’s not alone this year! Balthazar, the god of war, has alligned with Grenth! In reaction, Melandru, goddess of nature, decided to join Dwayna’s side!

Probably you wonder what this is all about, well, this year, the Guild Wars Live Team has added two new quests to the lineup. You can now team up with either one of them in a DotA/LoL-style of gameplay. It’s your task to deactivate the statues of the opposing gods to claim victory in this all-new Wintersday challenge! If you want to know more about these quests be sure to check out the bottom of this post, as we got a full guide on how to play the new quests straight from the developers themselves!

Of course you can also participate in the quests that were available last year, the year before last year and even older quests! For example, you can spend your time down in the Secret Lair of the Snowmen for the hope on getting that always wanted mini-polar bear in two repeatable quests or you might just want to do a little bit of Holiday-flavoured PvP and enter the newly-balanced 8v8 ATV-style Snowball Tournaments or just participate in the casual snowball fights to fight for either Dwayna or Grenth.

Wintersday also marks the season when costumes were introduced, and what would suit this event better than introduce two new costumes based upon the new participating Gods? That’s right, you can now buy either an imposing Agent of Balthazar costume or a verdant Disciple of Melandru costume at the NCsoft Store!

Also, be sure to check out our own Wintersday event on the 26th of December called: Rudi’s Quest!

As promised we got a full guide on the new Wintersday quests for you to read below:

Overview/Getting to the battle.

This format is an epic snowball fight between the gods. Balthazar has joined forces with Grenth and Melandru has joined forces with Dwayna to make this a 2v2 fight. Players need to speak with the special NPCs in either Lion’s Arch or Kamadan to get the “quest

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