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WvW Update & Much Shorter Server List

For the upcoming Beta Weekend Event, ArenaNet has fixed some bugs that pestered the matchmaking system during BWE2. From the blogpost we can gather that it’s probably going to be a lot tougher to keep WvWvW under domination by one specific world, although its supposed to still be possible when correctly coördinated. They also noted that during the launch period, ArenaNet will hold smaller 24-hour matchmaking games to decide which world is best fitted against the other server, which should definitely help matching up the strongest with the strongest.

Another big point made in the blogpost is the announcement of the new worlds. Rather than the mega list we got during BWE2, ArenaNet has decided to scale it back, a lot, so that you will find that your world has a lesser chance to have a low world population which should make Dynamic Events much more interesting, as well as benefit your WvWvW ranking. Read on to see the list, but make sure to read the blogpost over at ArenaNet to see why they decided on the shorter list if you’re interested!

NA ServersEU Servers
Anvil RockAbaddon’s Mouth   [DE]
BlackgateAugury Rock [FR]
Borlis PassAurora Glade
Crystal DesertBlacktide
DarkhavenBoreal Station
Ehmry BayDesolation
Fort AspenwoodElona Reach [DE]
Gate of MadnessFar Shiverpeaks
Henge of DenraviFissure of Woe
Isle of JanthirFort Ranik [FR]
Jade QuarryGandara
MaguumaGunnar’s Hold
Sanctum of RallJade Sea [FR]
Sea of SorrowsKodash [DE]
Sorrow’s FurnaceLakeside County GuildMag home server
Stormbluff IslePiken Square
Tarnished CoastRing of Fire
Yak’s BendRiverside [DE]
Ruins of Surmia
Seafarer’s Rest
Umbral Grotto
Whiteside Ridge

For the upcoming Beta Weekend we’ll have our home server in Lakeside County (EU) , but you’ll also be able to find others of us wandering across other servers as well!

Source: ArenaNet Blog

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