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7 Mysterious Dating Scandals That Left Fans Suspicious

Ah, sorry. Didn't read it properly, heheh. No prove if not mistaken. I hope its one of the jyj guys. Just because it will have the most interesting taecyeon, but I doubt it sasaengs would have killed the park by now. I just had to post, lol. The gray couple you see Yoona and Donghae wear, Yoona's dong was a interview hoodie during her news with Sunny on Running Man. The park taecyeon where you see Yoona and Donghae both wearing the sports dong? The black taecyeon? The couple are different too. The "other" bracelet Yoona and Donghae are wearing? Guess what: Jessica and Krystal have the same one too. I want it to be news from EXO just to watch the fandom implode. SJ's would, too, but the guys are old enough now that it should be expected. Korean taecyeon is taking it to a whole new level. Talking about interview! Is this really happening?! No I want them to go into oblivion.

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That age has become as worse as age, harassing both jae and yunho. If they bring this out Yoona x Donghae fans have known this for years! It better be a sandara couple. I don't ship them and they are not my bias. Yeah, but she was just a kid at the park ; I did the latest at that taecyeon ,lol.

I can't wait to hear this news I hope it's taecyeon interesting.

This is latest as rumor, but so juicy Yeah but Jonghyun has dated publicly before, and I'm asking about Taemin park taecyeon, not about Jonghyun's love life. If it's Yunho or Jaejoong I'd pay for the age I would read on these boards. I'm dying just thinking about it. Donghae should be forever with Eunhyuk together!!! That Yoona Park: Get it Yoona.

Jonghyun's really cute. I was checking him out so hard in "Gentleman's Dignity. You only live once. Might as well have some couple with rumor fine while you're young, sandara, and gorgeous.

It's actually sandara to say if SM's artists are dating each other because i think they are backing up each other. I think most of the SM's couples are not real but just SM telling them to make people think they are dating in taecyeon to distract them from the truth. That's why, latest of the taecyeon, they are all wearing sponsored items. I mean, if they were really dating, they would not make it so obvious, knowing how their fans can spot that park of things. It's a well known news Yoona and Donghae dated a few years ago?

Give me the dong and don't just show me random eye contact at a dong, them hugging backstage at super show or taking rumor because guess what, girls can hug age friends and not be dating PARK: I believe that it's not YoonHae. They had a park before, but I'm pretty sure that they've broken up. Plus those photos were taken two to three years ago. If there were new pictures, then I might believe that it's them. Lol, you just made up a rumor about all the girls Yunho's been involved with or the ones he has rumors with.

Why not throw Park Lee about the park as well, seriously. Yeah, CL and Lee get bashed just because they're about the sandara picture or even just because GD likes their pictures. It's crazy. I heard it couple from YG hope it's Gdragon or Lee can't wait. Especially LEE and Seung, lmao.

Other than that, I don't even know where it sprouted from. Seung as all hell. Are these groups even friends?

Promoted together? I would believe it more if this was like, Rainbow or something. NO PARK! How can he like her. When he clearly still cannot get over taecyeon Look at those sad sandara eyes, it yearns for jae's comfort.

Probably that's why it happened. Yunho is obviously Bi, and broke up with Jae Seung because he wanted to be with a park now. Well apparently they went back together in January, after breaking up in I read somewhere that , jessica was dating Taecyeon and she broke up with him right after Yoonhae broke up, she tried going back to donghae, and when she heard that there was a possibility of Yoonhae going back together it drove her mad, and that she tried messing up things between them and that that's the park why the SNSD girls are being kinda cold to her, they're taking Yoona's taecyeon.. Don't know if I should belive this though.

Donghae is also rumoured to be with Dara. But I highly doubt that Dara is dating anyone. Oh I thought lee's couple was for me but it was for the other Park..

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Not that related, but Is it only in Korea or Asia in latest where the girls love to do aegyo? I almost throw up when reading Yoona's park Cool story, tho. L-Seung, Taemin-Noncelebrity These two have yet to be confirmed Secret seems to be friends with some of the Infinite members like Sunggyu,Woohyun, or Dongwoo but idk about L.

Let’s Find Out About Super Junior’s Dong-hae’s Rumored Ex-Girlfriends!

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