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Your Guild Wars 2 Questions Answered on Reddit

Third time’s a charm they say, and with Mike O’Brien himself answering the questions including other ArenaNet team members, this Reddit Ask me Anything looks like the perfect chance to ask really anything about Guild Wars 2. So, do you have any burning questions you haven’t seen a correct answer on yet? Head over to Reddit today at 12.00pm (PST) /8.00pm (GMT+1) to ask them anything you want (about Guild Wars 2)!

As you may have heard, our next massive Beta Weekend Event kicks off on June 8 at Noon (Pacific). In advance of the Beta, ArenaNet President Mike O’Brien himself is jumping on Reddit for an Ask Me Anything session, starting at Noon (Pacific) on June 6 on the /r/gaming subreddit for three hours. Mike will also be joined by other Guild Wars 2 team members to answer your questions. Got a Guild Wars 2 question for Mike and the rest of the ArenaNet Team? Don’t be shy–they don’t call it Ask Me Anything for nothing!

Source: ArenaNet Blog

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